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Why Organic Ice Cream?

… For a True Balance between Nature, Health and Flavour

Our family owned company “GelatoMio Eismanufaktur GmbH” is located in the lush green countryside of the Münsterland. Here in Coesfeld we produce a special high quality organic ice cream using only controlled organic ingredients.

More and more people are sensitive or allergic to many supplements in food products. As a result we find an increased demand for pure and unadulterated products. Our success and the encouragement by our customers who come to us from far away to enjoy our ice cream specialities encourage us in our intention to expand. We now want to offer our delicious treat to a larger customer base.

Carefully selected and fresh organic ingredients are the basis of our ice cream using traditional Italian recipes together with newest production devices.

Our Motto … Organic, biodynamic, no compromise



Our production method allows us to offer a high quality ice cream without polluting nature or environment.

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Social Engagement

In our region we cooperate with production and training facilities for disabled persons.


Certification according to EG–Öko–Verordnung requires regular controls by duly qualified state agencies.

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