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. . . Our Products are State Certified

Our quality standards exceed legal requirements respectively requirements by associations such as Naturland, Bioland, Demeter.
We take it for granted to constantly search for the best sources of organic ingredients. Only these ingredients are acceptable to us, and not substances like artificial aromas, flavours, food colouring, preservatives as well as genetically manipulated products.

With proven and handed down recipes, which we improve further, we do not see ourselves as an ice cream factory but as ice cream artists.

Therefore, quality and flavour are most important in the production of “GelatoMio 100% ItalianoBio ”. This means we are the only producer in the region, who provides true Italian organic ice cream made according to traditional recipes with pure genuine fresh milk.

. . . Market Differentiation

Independence and autonomy allow us to run our company in our own way. With our high quality organic ice cream we contribute to a healthy and enjoyable diet.
Our strength is our business concept. Since we produce daily in small quantities, our organic ice cream can not be compared to industrially produced mass products.

The Difference
. . . 100% Pure, Genuine, Fresh Milk

The following additives can be found in industrially produced ice cream: Trans fat, margarine, coconut oil, milk powder, artificial ingredients i.e. colouring, taste enhancer, etc., not to forget a high content of air.

Contrary to industrial products our organic ice cream does not contain any additional ingredients: Only 100% fresh organic milk.

Our organic fruit ice cream is made of fresh fruit and is suitable for persons with lactose incompatibility.

Our Motto
… Organic, Biodynamic… no Compromise Demeter

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