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History from 1973 till today
… a big family tradition


Our company was founded by our grandfather Toni and his wife Angelina after emigrating from Italy to Germany during the sixties. Until today it is a family owned business. Even at the time when the term organic food was still unknown, our grandparents used only the best milk and cream without any preservatives or food colouring.Ice cream was first sold using the “Carrettino”, a mobile cart as it was seen in the early 19th century in Vienna. In the ice cream parlour established later customers often waited in line” to get a feeling of Bella Italia” by enjoying the refreshing taste of our ice cream.

After tree generations our family still has the passion for the art of producing ice cream. Since 2012 daughter in law Rosie is managing the company producing organic ice cream with conviction, as she herself knows from own experience allergies caused by food additives.

With new ideas, initiatives and much enthusiasm we now create new flavours and refine classical ice cream recipes. The old family tradition to produce delicious ice cream specialities using natural and certified ingredients is kept alive in Coesfeld.



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