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Organics Regulations
. . .Certification and Control

Certification according to EG–ÖKO (EWG, DE-ÖKO-EU/non EU agriculture) requires regular controls by duly qualified state agencies. All raw materials are being checked for their organic origins; production processes and material handling in our facility are being controlled.

As matter of fact, requirements and profiles of organic producer associations for milk and fruit are exceeding the legally required EU quality standards. These criteria are relevant to us.

Internal Quality Control
. . .Precious Ingredients

After documentation of the organic origin of raw materials fresh organic milk, cream, coffee, fruit, eggs, sugar, cocoa, nuts, honey are ready for processing. In order to assure and further improve the high quality standard, during the entire production process we conduct tests to make sure that microbiological criteria are being maintained. Additional regular quality control is being carried out by independent institutes.

. . .Food Hygiene

The company internal Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system ensures food safety. We use the HACCP system as an instrument to identify danger respectively risks of biological, physical and chemical nature. If necessary we will take action.

All quality control steps are documented. Our employees are trained in food hygiene. The company is regularly controlled by the relevant ecological control agency.


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